MIAS - Tomás y Valiente UAM Program Call for applications

Long stays (three years renewable once for two additional years)

Call for Applications

Application deadline: April 16th 2018 (17:00, Madrid time)

Resolution of exclusion from the Tomás y Valiente program - Annex 1

Duration: three years renewable once for two additional years
Residency: from October 1st of 2018

Applications must be submitted in electronic format only, through the MIAS website.

The application may be submitted in Spanish, French or English.

The MIAS invites researchers of all nationalities with a PhD degree for 4 years or more. The date of the PhD diploma must fall between January 1st of 2007 and December 31st of 2014. This date corresponds to the date of defense and approval of the PhD thesis.


Submission period: February 14th, 2018 – April 16th, 2018 
Application deadline: April 16th 2018 (17:00, Madrid time) 

No applications will be accepted after this date.

Applications must be submitted in electronic format only, through the MIAS website.

Candidate portal

Applications sent by e-mail or by post will not be received

Selection process

- Each application will be evaluated by two independent external experts in a discipline close to the candidate’s. The experts will be appointed by the MIAS International Science Committee and the UAM Vice-Rectorate for Research.

- The MIAS International Science Committee, according to the established evaluation criteria and to the independent experts’ reports, will issue a motivated communication, presenting the results of the evaluation, and the selected or reserved applications.

- Issue of the results: June 22nd, 2018

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MIAS Definition

In line with the model launched at Princeton and developed in Berlin, Uppsala, Fribourg, Zurich and Paris, the MIAS reaches out to individual researchers, free of all academic or administrative obligations during their stay, to develop an innovative project in an environment conducive to scientific debate among different disciplines and civilizations. 

The MIAS promotes interdisciplinarity and prioritizes research excellence in the Humanities and Social and Legal Sciences, with a transversal perspective extending from the Iberian world to the global dimension.

Admission requirements

The MIAS invites researchers of all nationalities and who obtained their PhD degree between January 1st, 2007 and December 31st, 2014. Candidates must propose a project adhering to MIAS research guidelines.

Selection criteria

- the quality of the candidate's scientific dossier (academic and scientific career, publications, participation in international activities)
- the quality and future potential of the research project

Check the bases of the call for application


Complete the dossier on the MIAS website. Also must be attached:

- a duly completed application form
- a curriculum vitae, mentioning main publications (see template on the application portal);
- a certified copy of the PhD degree;
- a copy of a valid national identity document (both sides) or the pertinent pages of a passport;
- a presentation of the research project (see template on the application portal)
- a sworn declaration on the authenticity of merits (see template on the application portal)
- optionally, one or maximum two letters of reference attesting to the applicant’s potential and qualifications. 

The application may be done in Spanish, French or English.

Residence options

- Annual gross remuneration: 31.600 €

- Residency: the researchers will reside in Casa de Velázquez facilities in Madrid and must agree to respect the internal regulation of Casa de Velazquez. 

- Research resources: Candidates may participate to the scientific life and activities of the Institute (symposiums, seminars, round tables, etc.). Candidates will have their own space to conduct research. The MIAS will help candidates integrate to the local and Iberian scientific environment throughout their stay.

Obligations of residents

MIAS residents comply to the MIAS residence policy (link) implying several commitments such as: 

-Incorporation to their UAM affiliation department and to the activities of the MIAS, through regular participation to symposiums, conferences and seminars and any other activities organized by the Institute’s scientific community
-Development of the research project, according to the documentation presented in the application.
-During the first year, residence at Casa de Velázquez, abiding by its internal ruling. In exceptional conditions, the MIAS Executive Board can exempt the researcher from this requirement, should he/she guarantee an equally complete incorporation and participation in the activities of the MIAS for the same period.
- Obligation to mention the program in any publication or document resulting from the research project at the MIAS and at the UAM affiliation department, during the development of the project.
- Preparation and presentation of a European project during the first three years of the contract.

The project carried out during the stay must conform to the project initially presented.