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1. Junio 2019 (Lisboa, Portugal):Kick-off meeting. Genealogies and philosophies of failure

2. Junio 2020 (Mar del Plata, Argentina): Failed Lives. Rational Choice, Personal Interests and Individualized Accounts of Disaster.

3. Octubre 2020_Mid-term meeting (Madrid, España)

4. Enero 2021 (México City, México): Reading and Assessing Failure in Communities, Women and Racial Discourse.

5. June 2021 (Múnich, Alemania): The Relativism of Failure: Expectations, Models and Comparisons.

6. Diciembre 2021 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil): Failure as a Metaphor: Social Interactions and the Strategies of Unsuccess in a Global Context.

7. Junio 2022 (Lima, Perú): Big failures. Institutional, Legal, Political and Diplomatic Frameworks.

8. Enero 2023 (Madrid, España): Positive failures: Reversing genealogies of failure, resilience, creative experiences and useful knowledge.