Susana Sánchez Ferro is a contracted Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. An expert on citizens' right of access to government information on State security, she has a monograph on State Secrecy, published by the editorial of the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies, as well as several articles on the problems posed for a democratic State governed by the rule of law by the tension between State security and citizen freedom.

She worked as a consultant to the European Parliament, on a study on the subject of parliamentary control of intelligence services. Professor Sánchez Ferro did her doctoral thesis at the UAM and completed her predoctoral training at the Berkeley Law University (California) and at the University of Saarbrücken (Germany).

Susana Sánchez Ferro has been a Fulbright Commission and U.S. State Department scholar. She has been a fellow of the Salzburg Seminar (Austria) since March 2006. In 2009, Professor Sánchez Ferro completed a five-month postdoctoral stay at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (London) as a visiting fellow, and there she has initiated two new parallel lines of research, one on immigration and the other on the constitutional changes that are taking place in the United Kingdom as a result of the approval of the Human Rights Act.

Professor Sánchez Ferro belongs to the International Association of Constitutional Law, and has participated in several research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, the Community of Madrid and the European Union.

She has been vice-dean of students of the Faculty of Law of the UAM and is now Coordinator for the External Practices and the Professional Orientation of the UAM.



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