Marcel Bataillon fellow

Aix-Marseille Université

The beaker and the pattern: The Bell Beaker’s vase networks in the Iberian Peninsula

Agnès Caraglio is Doctor in Prehistoric Archaeology from Aix-Marseille Université (France). Since her pre-doctoral years, she has been interested in agro-pastoral societies of Late Prehistory in the North-Western Mediterranean area. She has been focusing on human-environment relations through settlements patterns dynamics in the 3rd millennium BCE (GIS and statistical analysis). As a post-doctoral researcher (LabexMed position at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2017-2018), she currently concentrates on interactions’ logics between the Bell Beaker populations by proposing network analyses applied to Recent Prehistory.

Projet de recherche

Around 2500 BCE, the Bell Beaker’s "set" tends to connect individuals to spaces by crystallizing forms and specific materials in a pan-European area: decorated Bell Beaker ceramics, copper dagger, barbed and tanged flint arrowheads, bowman wrist-guard element, V-perforation buttons. However, the Bell Beaker’s vase does not reflect a monolithic cultural "identity" but rather a real blended cultural practice through ongoing interactions between collective and individual symbolic concepts. In order to take advantage of the Social Network Analysis tools in the archaeological discipline, our aim is to shed a new light on the spread of Bell Beaker ceramics' patterns and the role played by a few hubs from the Iberian Peninsula at the dawn of the Bronze Age. The analysis will cover, on the one hand, an existing inventory for the Madrid region, analysed in close collaboration with the main researchers on the Iberian Bell Beaker from the Departamento de Prehistoria y de Arqueología de Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and on the other hand, on a corpus of the main Bell Beaker sites of Iberian Peninsula.

Sélection de publications

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- Caraglio, A., Ríos, P. and Liesau, C. in press. Beyond the burial vase, the personae? Network analysis of Bell Beaker decoration diversity in Camino de las Yeseras (Madrid, Spain), in: McVeigh, T., Jones, C., Ó Maoldúin, R., Scholma-Mason, O. (eds.), Beyond the Stereotype: The Diversity of Beaker Burials. Proceedings of the XXIVth EAA Annual Meeting 2018 (session 653): Side Stone Press.

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