Sino-musulmán, andaluz y Han-Kitab

20JUNE 2022, 11:30-13:30
Seminario MIAS - EHEHI

Wai-yip Ho
Fellow Chevalier MIAS


  • Wai-yip Ho
    Fellow Chevalier MIAS

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Semipresencial: aforo limitado a 15 personas (Casa de Velázquez. Sala Pierre Paris)

Hora: 11:30-13:30

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In this presentation, a brief overview about Islam in China and the recent trend of scholarly interest in the field will firstly be introduced. Against the background of dominant tie between Chinese Muslims and the Middle East, the presentation secondly suggests an uncharted field of Chinese Muslim inspired by the place and history of Andalusia. Third, the presentation reports my recent translation a Han-Kitab text, how Sino-Muslims since the era of Ming, transmitted Islamic thought in the Chinese Confucian framework and through the text engaged apologetics with Christian missionaries, a tripartite Islamic-Confucian-Christian conversation.