Massimo Modonesi


François Chevalier fellow

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Between Gramsci and Latin America: Conceptions of Hegemony in the political-ideological conformation of Podemos

Massimo Modonesi is a Tenured Professor in the Social and Political Sciences College of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he has been teaching since 2000. He is the author of 17 books on topics that range from social and political theory (related to the work of Antonio Gramsci and processes of subjectivation) to the study of social and political movements in Mexico and Latin America.

He has been the lead editor of three journals, including OSAL, from the Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO). He has given multiple keynote lectures and has been an invited professor and researcher at many universities in Latin America and Europe. In 2017, he was a fellow at the Institut des Hautes Études de l’Amérique Latine (IHEAL, Paris 3, La Sorbonne Nouvelle). He is a member of the Social Sciences Ruling Commission of the National System of Researchers of the CONACYT in Mexico, a member of the Steering Committee of the International Gramsci Society and member of the Advisory Council of Jacobin América Latina.

This study will focus on the definition and the debate between various hegemonic strategies employed by the Podemos party (now Unidas Podemos), which marked the process of composition, recomposition and decomposition of its foundation and the beginning of its political life.

The hypothesis is that there is a close articulation between Gramscian arguments and the reflections that derived from the experiences of Latin American progressive governments in the political ideological formation of Podemos in regards to their strategic proposal of hegemonic scope/ elaboration of strategies of hegemony/hegemonic strategies. While these two influences have been recognized and acknowledged separately in the existing literature, their articulation and the relationship between them has not yet been explored.

This research will offer a reconstruction and a specific interpretation of the convergences and ruptures that occurred within and around Podemos (later United Podemos), showing the contrast between different Gramscian perspectives or interpretations articulated to different appraisals of the experiences of progressive governments in Latin America.

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29/05/2018 - 43min 28s - Espagnol