Xavier DERU


Lucienne Domergue Fellow

Université de Lille

Pottery from the South-East Area of the Forum in Baelo Claudia in Regional Context

Xavier Deru is an archaeologist, teacher and researcher at the University of Lille, in the HALMA laboratory (UMR 8164). He works mainly on northern Roman Gaul, but with L. Brassous and O. Rodriguez, he excavated the south-eastern sector of the Baelo Claudia forum.

In the north of Gaul, he worked on several topics, the creation of territories, transport, agricultural production and crafts. He is leading an important GIS project, the Atlas of the Roman provinces of Belgium and Germania.

He is also a specialist in Roman pottery and with a team composed of S. Lemaitre, G. Florent, M. Gomes and S. Renard, he is in charge of the publication of the pottery found in Baelo Claudia.


Proyecto de investigación

The main purpose of the stay is to prepare a monograph of the excavation of the south-eastern sector of the Baelo Claudia forum.

The work will focus on the regional contextualization of the pottery found on this site through an in-depth bibliographical analysis. This first step will result in the creation of a database. The treatment of this corpus will then propose a series of Betica's pottery assemblages, and thus a new chronological proposal.

During the stay, reference samples will be collected from workshops known from the visit of excavation sites and local experts (Andalusia). It will thus allow a good identification of the locations where the material is to be supplied.

The work will complete, through local collaborations, the ONICer application's reference frameworks (onicer.org)

Selección de publicaciones

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