MIAS, new member of the UBIAS international network

The centre of research in Humanities & Social Sciences is to form part of a prestigious academic forum which brings together the most renowned institutes of advanced studies in the world


On April 4, 2019, the centre joined another outstanding network, NetIAS (European Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies), in pursuit of the same objective that has driven its steps since its creation in 2016: to become the centre of reference for research in Humanities in both the Iberian Peninsula and the Ibero-American world.  

“Integration in the UBIAS network will allow the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Casa de Velázquez to strengthen a strategic space for innovative research in humanities and the social sciences”, says Antonio Álvarez-Ossorio, Director of the MIAS. “it will also let us put in place reinforced alliances with the most outstanding institutes for advanced studies in the world”.

MIAS is a mixed research centre that houses post-doctorate researchers from all over the world, chosen through an annual call and a rigorous selection process supervised by an international scientific committee. The call is open to all the many disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. Furthermore, MIAS coordinates diverse international projects, across Europe.

Since its establishment in 2010, the UBIAS network has contributed to the advancement of academic culture and the scientific achievements of the universities integrated in it and facilitates exchanges and cooperation between the associated institutes with joint programs such as the “Intercontinental Academia”. It offers attractive grant programs at different academic levels (junior and senior researchers) and, by virtue of this, the UBIAS institutes bring together outstanding researchers from different disciplines, nationalities and academic backgrounds, thus creating a highly productive environment for innovative research.



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