Head of scientific programs

Gwladys Bernard is the Director of Studies for the Ancient and Medieval Studies at Casa de Velázquez since September 2020. Before arriving to Madrid, she was a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Paris 8-Vincennes-Saint-Denis and a member of the UMR 7041 Archéologie et Sciences de l’Antiquité (Arqueology and Studies in Antiquity) (Nanterre-Paris I).

Her research focusses on the most Western provinces of the Roman Empire, especially North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. Her interest as regards the conquest and subsequent administration of this Western limit of the Empire has produced a number of books as well as two collaborative volumes: Confines,  with F. Prados, I. Garcia, and Fretum Hispanicum, with A. Álvarez Melero, A. Álvarez-Ossorio Rivas, V. Torres. Within the framework of the ANR programme «Detroit», she was in charge of the «Administration» section, that will lead to a publication co-edited by A. Montel. Having taken part in several arqueological campaigns in France, Spain and Marroco, in particular those of Alcañiz, Rirha or La Silla del Papa, she has oriented her research towards geographical literature of the Classical period, in collaboration with J.-B. Guillaumin, with whom she shall edit and translate into French Rufius Festus Avienus’ Ora maritima, a geographical poem from the end of the 4th century A.D. The text describes the coasts of the most Western part of the Mediterranean. She also works on the history and structure of the Roman Army, that essential component in the maintaining of Imperial control. She establishes a prosopography of the auxiliary corps stationed in Roman Mauritania. This study is based on the edition of a corpus of around fifty military diploma concerning two procuratorian provinces. She also is interested in the use, reception and modern and contemporary readings of Antiquity, as a creative cinematographic framework or as a political model.


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